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Monday, August 27, 2012

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2013 Ruff House Meeting Dates

Meetings start at 6:30pm and usually run an hour to an hour and a half.
All meetings starting in April will be at the
Nature Center at Rockwood Park on the second Thursday of the Month.


January 10

February 7

March 7

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12

October 10

November 14

December 12

Ruff House Meeting Notes 4/10/2011

Meeting Location
First meeting at our new location in the Nature Center at Rockwood Park. 13 Volunteers in attendence.

Birthday Bash
Plans for the upcoming Birthday bash were finalized.

Board of Directors
It was proposed that we change our structure to a Board of Directors. It was voted on and passed unanomously. The following volunteers were appointed to the board:

  • Rebecca Rogers (Chairman)
  • Ellen Reiser (Treasurer)
  • Donna Tocci (Registrar)
  • Tambre Hornsby
  • Ray Nelms
  • Robyn (at Large)
  • Dennise Flora(at Large)

Trustee's were appointed to control the money be listed on the checking account. Two of three would have to sign any checks.

  • Rebecca Rogers
  • Ellen Reiser
  • Beverly Nelms

Holly was carried over as secratary.

It was decided that the fiscal year will start on Jan 1st through Ded 31st.

All were voted on and passed unanamously.

Rebecca will get our Fed Tax Id this week.


Ruff House Meeting Notes 3/23/2011

12 Volunteers were in attendence.

Plans for the April 3rd Volunteer cleanup day were finalized.

  • Shade needs to be installed
  • Flowerbed cleanded up and new stuff planted
  • Backs added to benches without backs
  • Relocate Shed and place on a cinderblock foundation
  • Clean out and remove storage boxes
  • Place one box for trash bags
  • Shorten trash cans so they are not so heavy when full
  • Move some existing signs
  • Install new marquee sign
  • Install butt can and sign
  • Install secondary poop bag dispenser
  • Print 1st aid on stretcher
  • Add edging to gravel entryway
  • Event to run 8am till 11am

Additional signage was discussed for Clean up Poop, Kids keep out, Empty Trashcans, Awareness, donations

This is our last meeting at La Prade. Next month we start at the Nature Center.

Post needs to be installed for message board.

We got our larger storage space. We need to purchase shelves and some bins.


Ruff House Meeting Notes 2/23/2011

Pet Expo
Thanks to all volunteers who helped out with the Pet Expo event and to Target Marketing for donating the booth space. We cleared $139 for the event.

Financial Report
Recent purchases: tent, butt can, buckets
We purchased a new event tent: $219, a cigarette can: $55, and some water buckets and dish $20.
Our current balance is: $1,740

Board of Directors
The group discussed a change in the group organization from a President/officers format to a board of directors. A full vote on this change could happen at the March meeting. We also discussed appoint 2 or 3 trustees who would be in charge of the money and have their names on the bank account. This also will be finalized at the March meeting.

We are continuing to review the 501c (non-profit status) paperwork. After review we will get needed legal advice on the sections we cannot complete ourselves. And update on the status will be made at the March meeting.

Work Day for Spring
A work day for getting the park ready for the season was tentatively planned for The first weekend in April. More details on exact day and time will come. List of things to do:
repair shade unit (rebecca/ray)
hang shade units
landscape (prepare sign bed for spring)
add backs to benches without backs
hang new signs and move existing signs
rake gravel back into entrance and add some edging around the fence to help contain the gravel
clean out and remove broken plastics and add a small wooden box for trash bags
general cleanup

Birthday Bash
The birthday bash is our next big event. Scheduled for April 30th 11am to 2pm. We will be needing volunteers to work this event. Please let us know if you can help. We are looking for ideas for events to draw and entertain people at the event. Ideas presented:
Party games
Moon Bounce
face painting
agility training demonstration
frisbee catch
dog tricks
cake for dogs and people
Photo ops

Dane Day
Dane day has started back up for the season. Second Sunday of every month. we will be looking for volunteers to sell merchandise and hand out information at some of these events.

Sponsor Signs/Other signs
Sponsor paid signage is a possibility. we are awaiting information from the county on the rules. We are stilling reviewing the list of needed signs to be made.

Poop Bags/DoodyCalls
Doody Calls will no longer be able to donate bags for free. We are still getting the costs so we can budget to continue to purchase bags for the stand.

Other topics brought up.
Handicap Parking.
Now that we have a single entrance it was asked if it might be possible to add a couple of handicap only parking spaces across from the gate to the right of the cell tower house.

Rubber Balls
It was suggested that we might be able to get some hard rubber balls that would last longer than the tennis balls.

Memorial Bricks
It was discussed that it is a fairly common fund raising type of activity to sell personalized bricks or paving stones. Maymount does it as does the war memorial. It would be a way for people to have a piece of the park or to memorialize a fallen pet. These pavers could be used to pave the entrance and later, if that was accomplished, to pave the areas under the shade spots. Several ways to accomplish this was discussed and it was decided that further discussion was warranted.